Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

This year our 4th of July was packed with lots of fun activities. So here is just a little recap of today's festivities:

[My 2-year old daughter and I decided we were going to make an American flag to celebrate the holiday. And I was very surprised how well she followed instructions and placed each piece of paper neatly where I told her to put it. I'm a proud mom!]

[Then it was off to the kitchen to whip up these patriotic strawberries! Such fun and super easy to make!]

[To cool off, we all decided it was about time to hop in the pool. My daughter was so excited to swim!]

[Once it was dark enough outside, my husband set up the projector and screen to have a little movie night outside. I placed some blankets on the ground, brought some fruit to munch on, and we all enjoyed watching "Tangled". I love that movie!]

So that about sums up my Independence Day. How was your 4th of July?



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