Friday, February 26, 2010

Copycat Friday: Tray Transformation

Do you ever see something that someone else did/created and think to yourself, "I could do that"? Well, I am constantly seeing some amazing stuff that you bloggers out there do and am inspired to copy that idea. For this reason, I have created "Copycat Friday". I will find something (big or small) that someone else has done and steal their idea. Of course I will try to finesse it to make it my own. :0)

This week I stumbled over to Sweet Something Designs and was totally inspired by her tray transformation. Check out her blog here, and I'm sure you will be inspired too!

To mimic this work of art, I used an old forest green tray (yuck!) that my husband gave me when we were dating. He gave me dinner in bed when I was in high school after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I sweet! Anyways, I painted it white and added some white embellishments. Voila!

What do ya think? Pretty cool, huh? I love copying other people's ideas! It's TONS of fun! :0)
P.S. That branch in the pot was from a tree in my front yard. I think it gives it a "woodsy" touch. Oh, and the tall white candle is the unity candle from my wedding (which we will never light). Such mementos...

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