Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My little creation

So I decided to be somewhat crafty last weekend and create something unique while still being frugaliscious (another made up word...are you keeping track?). I am not sure if I saw something similar to this concept or if I just cooked it up in my head.

Anyways, here is the "before" photo of this fun little project. It's basically 2 11X14 frames (frames you say?? I know, shocker shocker), 2 chipboard letters that I got from Hobby Lobby for $1.77 each (I heart Hob Lob!), some ribbon and paint. The red carnation in the pic is just for decoration. :0) These ugly gold and black frames were left by my grandmother, so I thought why not use them! I chose the "J" & "P" for mine and my husband's initials.

And, drumroll please, here's how they turned out. Whatcha think?

I have to say, I am pleased with the way these turned out. It's amazing what a little black fabric paint (yes, I said FABRIC was all I had!) can do to a work of art. I also had some spare white 2" ribbon to hang the letters. I just stapled it to the frame and the chipboard letter, tied a bow, and voila! Easy peasy!
I am even more pleased with the cost! Let's recap the total, shall we?
2 frames - already had
2 chipboard letters - $3.54
black fabric paint - already had
white ribbon - already had
Total cost = $3.54 (not bad, eh?)
These little gems hang over our ladder bookshelves in our master bedroom. It brings me joy just looking at them. :0)
p.s. I have to say I am loving this bloggin' thang! Such fun!


  1. A watched blog never boils...

  2. I can't use me and hubby's initals. For some reason T & A just aren't right for your walls! :)

  3. HAHA! Very true! But I suppose you could pair them together to say "AT". :0)

  4. Very cute! I love the idea of hanging the letters inside the empty frames. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. That's really unique. What a nice twist you do with your art.

  6. Great job!! I just bought a bunch of those letters for various projects.. I love me some HL.. :)

    My Husband and I have the initials JR.. :)

  7. just found you thru the girl creative and following now. love this idea! will be linking back to you later in the week. come and visit me!

    Joy @

  8. LOVE it, it looks great!!! very very cute. Thanks for your visit too. Jenn


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