Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Holiday Wish List]

Happy Cyber Monday! Do you have your holiday shopping done yet? Or are you like how I usually am every year and wait till the last minute? Actually this year, I am quite proud of myself. I think my holiday shopping is about 85% complete! Whoo hoo! My goal is to be able to really enjoy this Christmas, rather than hustling around trying to search for the perfect present on Christmas Eve (sad but true!).

Anyways, I have compiled a little wish list to help anyone out there who needs some gift-giving ideas.

(Note: these are just my opinion, not actual fact.)

For the Gadget-Lover: The Apple iPad. Now I know these may be too pricey for your taste, but so well worth it. This is personally on my "dream-on" wish list, meaning there is a fat-chance that I will actually receive this as a gift. I have an iPhone (which I absolutely LOVE!), so I know this would be another perfect addition to the gadget collection. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive this as a Christmas present?

For those who Love to Cook: Even if the person you are giving the gift to isn't really obsessed with cooking, I know they would love this Mario Batali Polenta enamel cast-iron cookware. I personally would like the dutch oven in my kitchen. And the yellow color is so unique, yet very versatile and will last forever! And guess what? It's on SALE today from $49.95-$79.95! Such a steal! 

For the Spa-Lover: Who wouldn't love to walk into their bathroom and see these cotton monogrammed towels just waiting for you? I really like the stripes with the knotted-fringed edge. Ahh...so nice. And how much are they you ask? Only $10! Seriously! And I think you can get them monogrammed for FREE! Cannot beat that!

For the Book-Lover: Okay I have a confession...I hate to read. (I can hear everyone gasp.) Yes, it's true. I just feel like it's a waste of time. I guess it's because I was forced to read so much as a kid. Anyways, even though I hate to read, this book really grabs my attention. And not just because it has amazing photos in it, although that has a LOT to do with it! It really makes you appreciate the beauty and function of trees. Perfect coffee table book!

For the Fashionista: Clothes are probably one of the hardest items to shop for when buying for other people. Everyone has different tastes, it might not fit, etc. But, to me, scarves are a sure-fire win. They are stylish, practical, and it's a one-size-fits-all. And they are not just for wintertime. I am see people wear scarves in the summer paired with a solid tee or tank top. So chic!


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