Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Tuesday Top 10: Spring Fashion Trends Under $100]

There are so many fun Spring fashion trends going on this season that I just had to share a few of them. And the best part about these trends? It's all about comfort!! Finally, I can keep up with the trends without feeling out of place and uncomfortable!


[Soludos; $28]

[Toms; $54]

[Piperlime; $99.50]

Espadrilles and wedges are very much in style this season. And for once, style does not compromise with comfort.While walking around the mall the other day, I couldn't help but notice how many people were wearing espadrilles/Tom shoes. P.S. I am loving the silver Toms shoes! So fun!


[Piperlime; $69]

[Gap; $89.95]

Maxi dresses were super hot last year and are making an encore appearance this season. I think what people like most about them is that they are super comfy and hide all of the things you would rather not show off (i.e. belly, butt, etc.). Plus, they are easy to put on and would work for both wearing day & night.


[JCPenney; $10]

In the fall/winter months, we are layering up on coats and jackets that we never really get to show off our jewelry. So this season, jewelry has become more of a conversation piece. Coil bracelets and necklaces with a mixture of layers & texture can help make any outfit interesting. I have those 2 rings pictured above from Charlotte Russe and have been complimented multiple times on both of them (especially the double snake ring!).


[Target; $20, but currently out of stock]

Scarves in the spring? Well, it's not just for the colder months. Lightweight scarves are very trendy this season. They're the perfect way to dress up a white t-shirt and jeans! :0)



  1. Love fashion posts! This was awesome! And I totally agree!

  2. Those sparkly Toms crack me up every time I see them! I told my husband-I will buy them if they promise me that some kid in Africa will be running around in matching sparkly shoes!


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