Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jack-O-Lanterns! Oh my!

My husband and I carved these pumpkins when we first got married (been married for almost 6 years now!). We wanted to make our first Halloween special. :0)

 [This little guy is supposed to represent our little hamster, Caramel Apple (R.I.P. August 2007). We got her on Halloween that year (hence the name), so we carved out a cute little hamster pumpkin. See the 2 front teeth?]

[This goofy jack-o-lantern I carved out using a face template I found online. Thought he was kinda cute. It was pretty simple to make. Just printed out the template onto some plain ol' computer paper, poked little tiny holes along the lines, and carved it out based on the pattern of the holes (e.g. "connect the dots"). Such fun!]

Happy Pumpkin Carving! :0)


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  1. Love the "goofy" one! Might you still have the template saved? Or, remember where you got it from? Thanks.


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