Friday, October 22, 2010

[Frame Friday: Embroidered Children's Art by Stephanie Lynn]

Recently I was so inspired by Stephanie Lynn at Under The Table And Dreaming when she posted this adorable little Embroidered Children's Artwork.

[She started it by asking her child to draw a picture with black crayon. Her son drew her a little smiley face. Isn't that cute?!]

[After she transferred it onto a piece of fabric with an iron, she began to outline this masterpiece by embroidering it with dark-colored thread.] 

[Then she displayed it in a simple frame. What a clever idea to turn a child's drawing into a sentimental work of art! And, best of all, this is something that she and her son both will cherish for a long time. Great job, Stephanie!]

Hop on over to her blog to check out the full tutorial on this fun project! Click here.

For more ways to cleverly display your children's masterpieces, go here.


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  1. Hi Jen - Thanks so much for linking the post. I hope it inspires someone to preserve thier kiddies masterpieces! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thanks again - Stephanie Lynn


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