Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[Wacky Wednesday: Children's Art]

Is your child an artist? Whether your child is a young teen or a small toddler, I am sure they believe they are! So instead of just sticking it up on the fridge, there are tons of different and creative ways to display their beautiful artwork.

Simple wooden skirt hangers painted in fun colors can display your little ones masterpieces. Just put a few round drawer knobs on the wall to hang the hangers on. And the best part about it is that you can rotate new artwork as often as you like!

Framing children's art is probably the most popular way to display them. You can put them in different styles of frames. I personally like this one where the artwork is placed between the glass in the frame. Very nice! Plus, think of how special your child will feel knowing that their artwork is "frame-worthy". :0)

Another fun way to display their amazing work of art is to laminate them and use them as placemats. How fun would that be for your child to peek over the edge of their plate and see their little creation? It's something the whole family can enjoy each and every day!

These are just a few ideas. There are tons of other creative ways, like having your child choose 12 of their favorite artwork and put them in a calendar, or they could place them all in a binder or scrapbook. There are plenty of online companies (such as winkflash, snapfish, etc.) that could take a digital image of their art and print them in photobooks, mouse pads, mugs, you name it! So next time your child creates something, don't just slap it up on the fridge (or worse, throw it away). Have fun with it! It will make your child feel truly special.

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  1. Those ideas are so cute! I love how colorful the first clips are.


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