Monday, May 10, 2010

[Motivational Monday]: Beadboard in Bathrooms

Recently, I have found my new fascination with beadboard wainscoting in bathrooms. I have a small half bath with just a toilet and a pedestal sink that is screaming for beadboard to be put on the walls. I think it would give it much more depth and style. Plus, I hear it's much easier to clean than just walls (which is great with a busy toddler!). So, I went snooping around trying to find some bright ideas to give my small bathroom a fresh look.

I really love this bathroom. I like how the beadboard stretches up a little higher than normal leaving only a few feet of wall space. So clean. Aren't you just in love with those towel racks?? Perfect!

A perfect blend of country style wood with some modern touches of beadboard. Not just on the walls though. Check out the ceiling!

I like how the beadboard touches just under the mirror. Very nice. Hmm...can't decide. Do I want the beadboard to go up really high on the wall or just to meet it halfway?

This bathroom looks amazingly clean with all white (love it!). Can't you just smell the fresh linen scent? I cannot get enough of that hanging mirror! I might have to steal that idea since I am not too fond of the current mirror I have now. And those towel hooks are just adorable.

Wouldn't this just be perfect for your kid's bathroom? I love, love the bench at the sink. A must-have with small children. And the pretty teal with a splash of yellow...very cheerful! Again, I am liking the beadboard going high up on the wall. It almost makes the room "taller".

Well ladies, it seems I am in a "decorating pickle". Which do you think I should do: beadboard halfway up the wall or higher up closer to the ceiling? Please comment below. Thanks! :0)


  1. Those are great inspiration pictures...I love the look of bead board, and it is timeless.

  2. How ironic! I actually have several of those pictures saved in my "inspiration" folder for transforming my half bath with a little beadboard and paint.

    I absolutely love the look of the beadboard and think it will look so great once I actually get around to it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I wish you luck with your daughters room. I think little girls rooms are the most fun to decorate :)

    I love your blog! Great inspiration pics. I also am loving beadboard in the bathroom. It's so classy in such a small space. I am now your newest follower :)

  4. thanks for posting these.. I have the same dilemma.. halfway.. or higher.. However, I found some beautiful wallpaper and, thanks to your pics,I
    have decided to go halfway up and wallpaper above the beadboard.

  5. Higher, it does make the bathroom appear taller. White makes it look bigger, brighter and cleaner. Because of the white beadboard you could use a darker color and it would still appear to have enough light. Soooooo many choices!


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