Monday, May 17, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Mudrooms]

Before entering the blogging world, I thought that a mudroom was only in select houses and only in small entryway rooms. I never knew that you could design your own mini-mudroom on a blank wall near a high-traffic door. I love mudrooms! They can be as decorative and creative as you want while still being super functional. And since I know that my toddler will soon be a little schoolgirl in a few short years, I need to prepare now for those backpacks, coats, and many other random things she will bring me home from school. Here are some ideas that I thought were inspirational.

I am loving the locker idea! And having one would make me feel uber organized! It should be simple to make out of painted wood. And I really like the baskets underneath the bench. A perfect solution for those dirty shoes.

A simple mudroom that really opens up the entryway. Look at that adorable antique bench! And that shelf with coat hooks is a great idea.

Ahh beadboard...have I told you how much I love beadboard?? Well, I do oh so much. I love the drawers on either side of the bench. Great for storing items that you don't want exposed for all the world to see.

This idea looks to be extremely family friendly. The high little cubbies are great for storing seasonal items (like beach towels for the summer, hat/gloves for the winter, etc.).

Check out these fabulous mudroom ideas from these fabulous bloggers!


  1. We are so on the same wavelength! I just moved into my house about 2 weeks ago, but I could not wait to fancy up my entryway. I found this amazing storage bench/ottoman that was on sale and put it next to the door and it looks great! I've also got my eye on some hooks from Ikea to hang over the bench for coats/purses/etc...

    Works for me! =]

  2. Ooh, We just finished redoing our mud/laundry room. Actually just posted about it yesterday! I love it!

  3. These are great. I want a bench in my entry SOOOO bad, but it won't fit. I have a mirror and some hooks and that's all. Thanks for sharing the organizational eye candy!


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