Monday, May 24, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Think outside the closet]

Recently we removed our master closet door. It's connected to our master bathroom, so we just couldn't find a reason to keep it. Plus, it took up space inside our walk-in closet (never a good thing!). So to give it a "softer" look, we got a tension rod, curtain panel, and some ribbon to make our own "door". We usually keep the curtain open, but just in case some unexpected guests come our way, we can close the curtain to hide our messiness. :0)

Nice, huh? Here are some other creative ideas to have a "doorless" closet.

Since I can't see the top of this picture, I am assuming that the curtain stretches all the way to the ceiling to make the closet and the room appear taller. But, of course, who needs to hide this closet when it is meticulously organized. That's my motivation!

Oh my goodness! This is such a great idea for babies, toddlers, or even preschoolers. What a fun idea to have a "closet" in a bookcase! Perfect for small rooms who aren't blessed with an actual closet. And I love the wood in the back of the bookcase.

This is almost exactly what I want to do with my daughter's "big girl" room. We also recently took down the door and wall in her closet, so looks like the photo above. And I want to add some pretty curtains to give it some style. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a closet like this as a child??

Let's just say it's a work in progress...Happy Motivational Monday!


  1. Love the curtained closet! I've been thinking about doing this myself, but there are so many choices... What kind of curtain? What color curtain? What to tie it back with?

    If only I could make some decisions, my closet could look as good as yours!

  2. Hey girl you are the winner from last weeks "Tip Me Tuesday". Whoohoo!! I couldn't find your e-mail address. Would you please e-mail me laurie at tipjunkie dot com to redeem your prize? Thanks!


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