Monday, October 18, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Decorating Pumpkins]

Recently been to a pumpkin patch or plan on going soon? Well, here are some very creative and festive ideas on decorating your prized pumpkin (s).

 [Etching pumpkins always looks so nice. Plus, by not carving it all the way through, your pumpkin will last much longer. I love how this is displayed on a stairwell with some tea lights and other pumpkins and gourds.]

 [A pumpkin topiary! Wouldn't you love to have this on display at your front door? I am sure there is a way to secure the pumpkins together, but I love this whole look.]

[A simple yet classic way to decorate with multiple pumpkins. This Halloween, carve your pumpkins with a sharp, stainless steel cookie cutter. It takes the guesswork out of designing it yourself and looks very clean. Line your jack-o-lanterns up with some candles lit in mason jars, and you're all set!]

[I love this "hairy" pumpkin! Just too cute! Turn your pumpkin on its side, using the stem as a nose. Carve out the face, and place cooked (or uncooked for a spiked look!) spaghetti inside the pumpkin. Great idea when pumpkin decorating with the kids!]

[all photos courtesy of Southern Living]


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