Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay I know that Valentine's Day is practically over, but I wanted to share with you my Valentine mantel. To me it looks pretty sparse. I was originally planning on really decorating it up big this year. Maybe I'll get all geared up for it next year. Anyways, here's a few highlights from my very simple V-Day mantel:

[This cute little "love" vase is from the $1 section at Target I bought last year. Just threw in a little daisy {fake, of course) to give it some flair. Looks nice sitting next to the little handprint Valentine art.]

[This Valentine wreath was originally inspired by The Thriftress. It is entirely made out of empty paper towel tubes. I painted them red (each individually with a brush since I didn't have any red spray paint) and glued them together with a hot-glue gun. Super easy! You can view the full tutorial HERE.]

[A clear empty vase I bought at the Dollar Tree hold a couple of fake daisies. And sitting next to them are a couple of frames I made, including the Valentine frame with the button heart. I place a little candle just for a warm touch.]

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day! Lots of love! :0)


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