Monday, February 28, 2011

[Motivational Monday: Oscar Night Parties]

I am hereby proclaiming this week to be "Party Week" at [Frame Fanatic]. And since my birthday is coming up this weekend, I thought I might party all week long! So come join me! You're all invited! :0)

To start off this "Party Week", I just want to get a recap of one of the biggest parties in Hollywood: Oscar Night. I unfortunately did not host an Oscar viewing party, but I would love to host one next year! Here are some clever ideas to throw this fancy occasion.

Decor Ideas:

[I am in love with this black, white, & gold Oscar party by HWTM. Such elegant party decor! She always has such amazing ideas on her blog!]

[LOVE the napkin envelope with the "And the winner is..." printable! And the popcorn bags add a nice touch along side the golden statues.]

[Such a lovely flower centerpiece all in corresponding colors with the various movie titles wrapped around each vase.]

[Clever little tags attached to beautiful champagne glasses to toast off each award. I, of course, would choose the glass with "Best Actress" attached to it! :0) I am sure my husband would agree!]

You can find all of these FREE printables [here].

Food & Drink:

[Super cute red & gold Oscar party by Second City Soiree. I love the red velvet cake with the gold star cake decorations. Almost too beautiful to eat!]

[How adorable are these little Oscar cookies by Bakerella?? You can learn how to make them [here]. They look super yummy!]

Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue "Party Week" on how to make this:


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  1. Love the Oscars! My post today was about Oscar fashion, though I saw a lot of disappointing/awful dresses, some were of course incredible.


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