Monday, March 14, 2011

[Motivational Monday: Massucco Warner Miller]

Oh my! Has it been an entire week since I last posted?? That's no good! I need to be more active in the blogging world! No worries though, I've got a few upcoming posts up my sleeve. :0)

Anyways, have any of you ever heard of Massucco Warner Miller? Well, I had never heard of them until this past week. It's a fabulous interior design company based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. When I went to take a peek at their website, I fell in love with some of the most amazing rooms. All of the decor was so inspirational and had tons of eye candy for this "wanna-be interior designer". Here's just a few of the many amazing spaces they've designed:

I could just look at their site for hours soaking up every last detail. Maybe someday my house will look just like this. {sigh}

[Note: This post was scheduled to be posted yesterday, but for some reason it was never posted. Grrr...blogger...]


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