Friday, March 5, 2010

Copycat Friday: Cupcake Party

This past November we celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday. She's our little cupcake. So of course, we had to put together a fun cupcake party! I got tons and tons of ideas online, so here are just a few people that inspired me during my crazy party planning.

The whole cupcake theme started with TomKat Studio's blog with her daughter's 1st birthday. I just LOVED how she decorated everything! So I grabbed her birthday sign idea and sort of created my own in a similar fashion.

For her highchair (which is where the main event takes place), I found this adorable highchair skirt at 1st Wishes, but didn't exactly want to pay the price. So my mom thought she could make on herself. We bought some pink toile and pink ribbon, sewed the ribbon on the edge of the toile, and hot-glued the whole thing on the highchair. It looked absolutely PERFECT!

And what would a cupcake party be without cupcakes?? Inspired by Bakerella, I wanted to create these adorable cupcake pops. But sadly, I was pressed for time. So I cheated. I took some jumbo pink marshmallows, covered them in chocolate melt, and then topped it off with some pink icing, sprinkles, and a red M&M. It was a hit! Everybody went crazy over them!

While getting my monthly dose of Parent's Magazine, I found these cute little cupcake party favors. And they looked super easy to make. And they were! I basically cut a paper cup in half, filled a sandwich bag with jellybeans tying it closed, placed it in the cup, and hot-glued a red pom-pom on top. Easy peasy!

As far as games, we played one game (since she's so little, that was about all she could handle). We had a Cupcake Walk! It was so much fun! It was even better watching the birthday girl dance to the music while everyone danced around her. A memory I will always cherish. Oh, and being a mom and all, I just had to include a pic of her in her birthday outfit. I found that little cupcake iron-on at Hobby Lobby. Perfection! :0)

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  1. This is so cute!! You did such a good job. I love planning parties too and have so much fun with all the little details.

    I found your blog through j-a-girl and I've been loving all your little projects. You're creative and so talented!


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