Friday, March 19, 2010

Copycat Friday: Paper Dogwood Flowers

Today's Copycat Friday is featuring the one, the only...Martha Stewart. While watching her show on Monday, I was totally inspired by her how-to segment on paper dogwood flowers. They looked so easy to make! And they were!

I felt like my little tree branch from another Copycat Friday post on Tray Transformation needed a little makeover. So with tomorrow being the first official day of Spring, my little branch "grew" flowers...dogwood flowers to be exact. I think it gives it more character, don't you?

Now for some reason, Martha Stewart has taken the how-to instructions for this fun craft off of her website. Not sure why. I'll let you know if it pops back up. But I do have the template if you would like to try making these little flowers. They a super, super easy to make. And I made a ton of them!
Hope you enjoyed this week's Copycat Friday! Happy Spring!

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