Monday, June 7, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Flowers in Pitchers & Watering Cans]

Do you realize it's been almost 2 weeks (!!!) since I lasted posted? Yikes! Sorry about that. Between Memorial Day Weekend and my 5 year wedding anniversary last weekend, I just haven't been much up for blogging. But have no fear...I'm back! :0)

This week's Motivational Monday is all about flower arrangements in pitchers and watering cans. Not sure why, but I am totally obsessed with this look. After my recent thrifting, I bought a bright yellow pitcher for like 2 bucks. I love it! Definitely screams summer. Then I added some daisies (not real ones, of course) to beautify it.

Another flower arrangement that is in my guest bedroom. I got this pitcher as a house warming gift and thought it would be perfect as a vase for some flowers I bought at Hobby Lobby. Brings a little "life" to the room.

Apparently displaying flowers in unconventional ways has become quite the decorating trend. Here are some pictures that show what other people have done, courtesy of flickr.

REMINDER: Stay tuned for a Father's Day gift idea I will be posting TOMORROW for How-to Tuesday! Sneak only costs $10!! :0)

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