Monday, July 12, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Laundry Rooms]

Remember when laundry rooms were just...blah? They used to be very boring and only consisted of a washer, dryer, and a sink (if you were lucky). Nowadays, they are anything but "ho-hum". Take a look at some of these amazing laundry rooms. This is great motivation for a little "laundry room makeover"! :0)

I love everything about this room! The front load washer/dryer, the wicker baskets, jars, shelf, and that floor...beautiful. I wouldn't mind washing a few loads of laundry in this room.

For some reason my eye immediately goes to that adorable little 3-legged stool. So cute! Anyways, back to the room...I just adore that wooden drying rack. Adds character to the entire room. And you might be wondering where the washer and dryer are?? Well, it's cleverly hidden in those cabinets under the stainless steel counter. So chic!

I am in love with this drying rack as well. And the stackable washer/dryer gives ample room to fold and sort clothes, towels, etc. Very economical.

I have a utility sink in my laundry room (and I LOVE it!), and I definitely need to steal this idea of wrapping fabric around this sink. I think it really softens the harsh look of any sink.

Speaking of my laundry room, stay tuned for this week's Transformation Thursday over how my hubby and I transformed our "blah" laundry room in a space that I rather enjoy! See you then!



  1. Great inspirations! I've GOT to do something to mine!

  2. I stumbled across this tutorial for a drying rack just like that earlier today--

    Cute blog!!

  3. Thank you! And thanks Catherine for sending me that link. I will definitely have to use her tutorial to make one those lovely drying racks!

  4. Hi Jen. Just wanted to share the really unique round wooden clothes drying rack we recently got from Best Drying Rack. I like how it spins!


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