Monday, July 26, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Mirror Mirror on the Wall]

Have you been wanting to incorporate more mirrors in your home decor? Well, I have. It's amazing what one (or 2, or 3!) mirror can do to a room. It gives any room character and style while still being functional as a way to check for any food between your teeth. :0) It also opens up a small room making it appear larger. If natural light reflects on it, it doubles as another room brightener. I love mirrors! Hope this Motivational Monday inspires you!

[Sometimes one mirror just isn't enough. Arranging an array of several smaller mirrors gives the illusion of bigger wall space and totally adds style along with an eclectic look. I love it how all of the mirrors are round bouncing off a round window. You too can achieve this look by collecting old mirrors in various sizes and displaying them to compliment your decor.]

["Three's Company Too!" Sorry, I immediately thought of that theme song when I saw this photo. But I love how 3 tall mirrors are displayed behind 2 twin beds. Makes the room appear taller. Genius!]

[Now this is a neat idea! You can spice up any old closet door, pantry door, etc. by adding small mirrors to any traditional door. You could have them cut to fit the style of your door. It's different but is definitely a conversation piece.]

[Ahhh...I just adore white rooms...wait, back to the mirror. Placing a mirror close to a window brings a ton of light in. And for some reason I have a fascination for mirrors in dining rooms. I can just picture how a large mirror could reflect the light from a candlelit dinner. So nice...]

Now go out and get you some mirrors! If you incorporate them into your decor, you'll be amazed at the results. Happy Monday! :0)

(photos courtesy of HGTV)


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