Monday, July 19, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Walk-in Closet]

In my master bedroom closet, we have a rather large walk-in closet. And it desperately needs a makeover. Take a look for yourself:

[Okay, so this is what it looked like when we first bought our home. When I first saw it, I fell head-over-heels in love. I never imagined I would ever have a long walk-in closet. I mean, think of all the shoes I could fill it up with?! It certainly had potential.]

But alas, I really haven't done much with it. Sure we replaced the ugly florescent light with track lighting on a dimmer switch. But other than adding a TON of clothes and shoes along with a chest of drawers and a couple of mirrors, there's not much else to be seen. So I am now on the hunt to find some amazing walk-in closets to motivate me to redo mine.

[I LOVE this closet. Just wish mine was big enough to have an island. Ahh...beautiful. But what has really caught my eye is the old bookstore-like ladder. It rolls around the closet on that top rail to make the top of the closet easily accessible. Talk about vertical storage!]

[Now I know that this looks nothing like my closet, but let's just admire it, shall we? Look at the shelves of shoes, cabinet doors for hanging clothes, that large island, flat screen TV...I could seriously live in this room!]

[This one is much more similar to my closet. I love it that the drawer are at the end of the closet. And the shelves go all the way up to the ceiling. Very lovely.]

[And who could forget Carrie's closet on SATC! So fabulous! Oh and p.s., I have NOT seen the new SATC2 movie yet, but I am dying to see it when it comes out on DVD. :0)]

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. You have a great space. I think it you color code your items and put down a fun rug it would be totally rockin.

  2. You have a good size closet. It would look fabulous all organized. I love looking at closets and just redid ours and I love it. Good luck with yours!

  3. You are so lucky to even have a walk-in closet. I really wish I had one but looking at the positive side, I will not have the same dilemma you have gone through. Anyway, can you please share with us how your closet now looks? I want to be inspired so maybe I could turn our small storage room into a mini walk-in. Thank you.


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