Monday, August 16, 2010

[Motivational Monday: 2nd Story Walk-Out Decks]

I know what you're thinking. "2nd story walk-out deck?? Isn't that called a balcony?" That's exactly what I thought too. But my husband informed me that a deck is grounded by beams, and a balcony is self-sustaining without any beams to support it. I am sure you all were dying to know this little tid bit of info. :0) Anyways, we are planning on adding this 2nd story walk-out deck to our home. It's going to be a little private deck that is only accessible from our master bedroom. Here's the plan:

Just a small private balcony...I mean, 2nd story walk-out deck. :0) It will be nice being able to have a quiet breakfast out there or just to sit and relax.

Here are some examples of 2nd story decks that other people have done. Sorry...I cannot remember where I got all these pictures. Just being saving them in my motivational files.

[I like this one. Not quite like ours is going to be since it won't wrap around the back of the house.]

[Ahh...wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk out on the deck to see a nice pool below? Bliss...]

[I like the idea of having an indoor porch on the 1st level. We might add that years down the road. It's a building process (pun intended).]

[I like how tall the railing is on this one. But we won't put a staircase on the side of the deck. We have a rope ladder in case there's a fire or anything. Safety first!]

[Here are the french doors that we purchased for the deck. (Sorry for the picture quality. My husband took it with his camera phone in the garage.) I think it will look nice on the deck and in our master bedroom.]

All of this construction will take place when the weather gets a little cooler. Like maybe in October. Don't want my husband to get to hot building the deck! But it's an exciting addition that we look forward to having for many years. :0)


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