Monday, December 13, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Holiday Wreaths]

This year I am wanting to find more creative ways to incorporate more wreaths in my holiday decor. They can really add a lot of style to any home. But the trick is to place them sparingly throughout the house. So I looked around for some inspiration...

[On a bookshelf via Country Living]

[In front of a mirror via Pottery Barn]

[3 at a time by thick ribbon on a door via Martha Stewart]

[In front of cabinet doors via Country Living]

[On glass windows & doors via Coastal Living]

And, my personal favorite...

[Inside an empty frame via Country Living]

Happy Monday! :0)



  1. Love these ideas! Inside a frame, never thought of that and I love three wreaths on the front door!

  2. I love this ideas! and I like it Love three wreaths on the front door!


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