Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[Tuesday Top 10: Guest Post: Christmas Movies from a Man's Perspective]

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my top 10 favorite Christmas movies (click HERE to view). But this week I thought you might enjoy hearing a man's perspective on his choice of top 10 Christmas movies.

I'd like to introduce today's guest post. He is a kind, thoughtful, funny, and gracious father. He is, of course, my amazing husband!

Disclaimer: The views , opinions (and language- ahem!) expressed by this man do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and/or opinions of his beautiful wife.

1. Die Hard
~ Okay.. a Great Christmas movie (not a Christmas movie you say? Oh yes it is..) It has Christmas music, trees, presents.. and the wee-bit of violence needed for holiday cheer... Yippee Ky-yea Mother Mary.

2. Die Hard 2
~ Yeah.. take Die Hard 1.. add snow.. airline travel.. and throw in terrorists carrying Christmas presents.. that may or may not have some weapons of mass destruction in them =-) add an awkward scene of a naked dude doing kung fu in front of a TV and POW.. you gotta a great Christmas movie (but minus the naked dude in front of the TV doing kung fu)..

3. White Christmas
~ Alright.. to really call it Christmas.. you gotta have Bing sing'n White Christmas and Danny Kay dancing around like a fool.. throw-in some cheesy songs about Snow.. while clitter-clattering away in a railroad dining car.. and you're in business..

4. Home Alone
~ Nothing says parental neglect like leaving a kid at home... at Christmas time... to fend away burglars.. top it off with the fact the house gets DESTROYED after all the antics of the kid.. =-)

5. Home Alone 2
~ Seriously, where's CPS? These parents need to watch their kid.. alright.. it's cold.. you have another completely unrealistic situation where he's not only alone.. but in New York.. staying at the Plaza.. AND top it off with running into the same dudes last Christmas!.. oh.. and he meets a homeless lady that doesn't try to beat him up or take his money.. but becomes his friend.. =-)

6. Christmas Vacation
~ "Holy Sh**.. Where's the Tylenol?"... nuff said =-)

7. Lethal Weapon
~ Another Great Christmas movie.. once again.. it has Christmas music, presents, trees (including a scene where they have a shoot-out IN the Christmas tree lot.. sweet) and of course the occasional suicide attempt, car cash and drug trafficking action you like to see in most Christmas movies =-)..

8. A Christmas Story
~ BB-Gun.. broken glasses.. representation of increased pre-pubescent vocabulary (indubitably.. really? not sure if I ever used that word outside of this).. cuss-words replaced with gibberish.. and the lesson learned to never stick your tongue to a frozen flag poll..

9. Serendipity
~ Yes, a chick-a-flicka... but a good one.. teaches the ever-so-moral lesson of.. while in a relationship.. go to buy some gloves.. meet a girly.. hang-out with her all evening.. flirt.. banter.. don't get her full name.. then fret over her for years until you make a decision to seek her out again.. whilst you prepare for marriage.. nice. =-)

10. Elf
~ 30 year-old guy in an elf get-up with awkwardly snug green tights.. has the ability to down a 2-liter of coke in a few seconds.. as well as throw 3 dozen snowballs at an incredible rate.. and has the brilliant idea of leaping into a Christmas tree to put the star on top =-).. can't beat it..

There you have it.. Top 10 Best Christmas Movies of all time time time time.. (okay not really.. but they're all really good =-)..


If you made it to the end, congratulations. You deserve an award!
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  1. That made me laugh only because I know my hubs would agree with #s 1, 2, & 7. Elf at #10 though, it should be a little higher on the list I think. =^)

    Jo @ SmileMonsters


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