Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome to [Elizabeth's Sweet Shoppe Party]!

Last month my little "sweetie" Elizabeth turned 2! And for the past year I have been planning, researching, shopping, & scheming for this super fun Sweet Shoppe Party. I used TONS of inspiration that I saw online and then added a few personal touches of my own. I had a great time decorating/creating everything and am really pleased with how everything turned out in the end. And more importantly, I think the birthday girl had a great time celebrating her 2nd birthday!

[Above: "The Sweet Shoppe" - I have to give credit to my husband for having the brilliant idea of placing the shop at the fireplace. Genius! He described the brick as the "building". :0) We made the awning out of cardboard and duct tape (who knew they made PINK duct tape!) and nailed it to the wall so it would rest on the mantle. We covered the table with pink and white crepe paper and the hearth with white wrapping paper. My husband made the "door" out of spray-painted cardboard, duct tape, and scrapbook paper (he's so crafty!). Above the shoppe is a pennant banner that says "Sweet Shoppe" that I printed off from Ink Bloom and hung by multicolored ribbon I bought at Walmart; I filled the candy with different glass jars I had on hand (i.e. trifle bowl, penny jars, etc.), and put the drinks in pretty glass pitchers that we received as wedding gifts. I displayed her scrapbooks on a table with framed photos of her and had lollipops that said "happy" "birthday" "elizabeth" on each one in metal buckets (from Target for $1) filled with bubble gum. Handmade tissue paper Pom-Poms (inspired by Martha Stewart) were hung by fishing wire to make them look like they were floating. Find out how to make them HERE.]

[Above: Sweets, sweets, and more sweets - Handmade cupcake toppers that said "Elizabeth's Sweet Shoppe" and "2" (inspired by The TomKat Studio); chocolate cake pops inspired by Bakerella (find out how to make them HERE); vanilla cupcakes with white icing and sugar crystals in various colors; handmade lollipop cookie pops inspired by The Decorated Cookie (find out how to make them HERE) displayed in tea glasses that were filled with white sugar to make it look like "milk". We also had an "Ice Cream Parlour" (inspired by Eat Drink Chic) in the Sweet Shoppe that had a "create-your-own ice cream sundae buffet" and popcorn cones (inspired by HWTM) that looked like ice cream cones! You can also see my daughter (who was wearing a lollipop tutu outfit I bought at Walmart along with striped legwarmers I made from old socks of mine!) stealing an M&M from the Ice Cream Parlour and her baby patiently waiting at the birthday girl's table to join in on the fun!]

[Above: Elizabeth's Sweet Shoppe Door Sign & homemade giant lollipops made out of pink paper plates, wrapping paper, dowel rod, cellophane, and ribbon (inspired by The TomKat Studio); favor bags with handmade tags that were filled with a ring pop and a toothbrush (for their "sweet" tooth!). The guests were told to fill their bags with leftover sweets, so we wouldn't be stuck with TONS of candy. We played 2 games: lollipop musical chairs and "How many gumballs are in the jar?" The guests placed their guess in the pink mailbox (from Target for $1), and do you recognize the chalkboard frame??]

Inspirational Blogs for Sweet Shoppe Party:

Thank you to all who have and still continue to inspire me! :0)

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[Stay tuned TOMORROW for my "Scrapperday" edition of the Lollipop Invitations!]



  1. This is so adorable, now I need to find someone to throw a party for!

  2. LOVE everything about this post....especially the colors....

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  3. This may be the cutest birthday ever! It's so unique and looks like a lot of fun!

    Thanks so much for linking up to SS!

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