Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!!!

Okay, so I am not really the type to pull pranks or jokes, but I saw a couple of these ideas on Martha's website and thought they might be fun to do.

Green Eggs and Ham! Of course this could also work on doing a special "Dr. Seuss" day. Even though the eggs are green, they still taste just as good!

"Feux Baked Potato" This by far was the neatest (and particularly delicious) prank to pull on anyone. Just take 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, wrap it in aluminum foil, and shape it like a potato. Then "bake it" or freeze it for a couple of hours or so. When you are ready to serve it, unwrap it from the foil, cover it completely with cocoa powder, and slice it just like you would cut into a baked potato. Top it off with some "sour cream" or whipped topping and sprinkle with "chives" or green sprinkles. Bon appetit! It fooled my husband! But I must warn you, it melts fast so serve it as soon as it's ready. But I am sure it will be eaten just as fast because it's yummy!

Happy April Fool's Day Blog Friends!


  1. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by! I took a look at your dogwoods, they look great too! Your foodie foolery is fun! (That came out a little corny! :)
    Have a great Easter weekend!

  2. lol! The picture of the "baked potato" completely fooled me. I had to read the paragraph twice before I really understood what it was. I can understand how your husband was fooled by it! Good one!


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