Monday, April 19, 2010

[Motivational Monday]: Craft Rooms

Happy Motivational Monday! Mondays are often a great day to find some inspirations that will help motivate you throughout the week. This week I am needing some motivation for my craft room. It's actually a craft/laundry room, but I could always use some creative ways to store and display my craft tools. Of course, keeping it neat and tidy is always a plus! :0) So here's what I found to be very inspiring. Enjoy!

 I love the color palette of this room. Very bright and girly! I really like the magnetic board on the wall. Great for storing small craft items. Might just have to incorporate that idea in my room.

A wrapping station is a must for all you gift-givers out there! I am crazy about the peg board, ribbon box, and dowel rods that hold the wrapping paper. Even though everything is stored in a practical way, it is also very much part of the decor.

Wouldn't you like to walk into this room to do a craft? I know I would! See that ribbon bulliton board on the right there? I just realized it's mounted to the back of the door. What a great idea! Talk about using every inch of storage space!

Ahh...a pretty calm blue. So nice. I really love those baskets on the shelves under the desk. And I am not sure if you can tell in this picture, but it is creatively labeled with a small chalkboard. So anytime you want to change out what's inside the basket, just wipe off the chalkboard and rename it! So simple!

Images courtesy of BH&G


  1. Oh yeah...I'll take any one of these if you are giving them away...Beautiful..Mmmm..dream on...I can't create unless there is a ton of stuff, dishes need doing, suppers ready, the phone's ringing and the dogs need out..Yeah, that's my reality:-)

  2. Love these pictures!! *sigh* wouldn't it be great to have one of those someday? =]

  3. I love the first picture, *drooling*, it's so girly and lovely.

  4. I love the 3rd craft room...look at all that storage behind her! Soooooo jealous!


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