Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[How-to Tuesday: Perfect Towel Folding]

Am I crazy or does anyone else just love the look of fresh, clean towels perfectly folded in nice, neat piles? But I never knew how to correctly fold towels to make them look so tidy. That is, until I found some instructions at Martha Stewart. Here's a little how-to help you neatly fold towels during your next laundry session.

You will need:
1 clean towel
1 clean cutting board (size depending on size of towel)

First, lay your towel completely flat on a hard, flat surface. Next, place your cutting board directly in the center of your towel lengthwise (as pictured below). My picture board is clean, just a bit "rustic". I have another one I use regularly, but I keep this old one for folding towels, etc.

Fold one side of your towel neatly over the cutting board.

Then fold the other side on top of the cutting board and other half of towel.

Then, fold the top half of the towel over the cutting board.

Carefully, slide out the cutting board, and fold the towel over one more time.

Voila! A perfectly folded towel. It may take a little more time the first time, but with practice, you will be a speedy towel-folder!

I have mine neatly place on a shelf in my bathroom. We put one where a vanity stool would be because I never need a vanity. I always do my makeup, hair, etc. standing up over my sink.

So there ya go! Hope you enjoyed this week's How-to Tuesday. Happy Folding! :0)


  1. OK, so when I saw this title, I thought "let's see if she does do it 'right'.." and you know what? Other than not using a cutting board, that's the way I fold..HA! I am sooo weird about my folded towels that I re-fold if my mother-in-law has folded them for me..baaaad, I know.

  2. Very cool! Martha is the best. =]

    I like the idea that you put your towels under your vanity. I'm building my house right now and in the master it has a vanity and I've been wondering what on earth am I going to do with all that open space, but I think I'll copy you!


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