Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back!! Flowers anyone??

I have re-entered back into the blogging world! Hello Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the past week. Haven't been in the mood to blog lately. Last Friday night, my cousin died of stomach cancer. He was only 36 years old, been married for 2 years, and had his whole life ahead of them. The funeral was Wednesday, and it was the hardest thing to bear. Watching my aunt and uncle bury their first born son was indescribable. I believe that parents who watch their child enter and then leave this world completely goes against nature. As a mother, I pray I never have to experience that. I think the only thing that kept them going was their faith in God. They had already been through so much over the past year battling the cancer with him, but now they know my cousin is alive and well in heaven.

On a much lighter note, check out the flowers my husband gave me a while back. He also gave me roses, but I haven't gotten around to taking a picture of them. He gave them to me for Easter, and they are still kickin'! He's just the sweetest guy ever! Always randomly surprising me with flowers and little love notes. I love him to pieces!


  1. I am truly sorry to hear this saddens me to hear things like this, as you mentioned as a Mother you can only hope you never go through anything like this. My best to you and your family. Debbie

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll keep your family in my prayers. Losing a child is a horrible thing.

    I do love the flowers your hubby bought you though. I'm using spider mums just like that in my wedding next month. They are beautiful flowers. What a sweet husband.

  3. I am very sorry about our family as well. We wish you all the best. Spider mums are gorgeous. And how fitting that they stay beautiful for such a long time.


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