Thursday, September 2, 2010

[Frame Fanatic] on Facebook and Twitter!

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Hey everyone! Well, after conducting a poll last month on who would follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I've decided to go ahead and join both. I believe the poll was pretty split and wasn't leaning one way or the other, so I figured I would give those of you who did want to follow me a chance. :0)

By following me, you will get updates on giveaways, blog posts, etsy shop, etc. I might even throw in an extra entry or two for following me on my next giveaway (hint hint!). So follow/like [Frame Fanatic] and join me on this fun ride through Facebook/Twitter Land!



  1. Oh I love your blog! Bravo! I stumbled upon it somehow because I was searching for follow me buttons just like you have. Amazing how google sent me to your site! Can you tell me how you created those 4 buttons and how to put them on your site? I would like to do the same with my blog and website :-) Thanks so much! Oh I have to look around your site now, It's so cute!


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