Monday, September 13, 2010

100 Posts Later...

In place of today's [Motivational Monday], I have decided to celebrate my 100th post!! I cannot believe all that has happened in just 100 blog entries! Since February I have been inspired by so many creative people (and hopefully inspired others as well!), built friendships, hosted giveaways, and, most recently, started my [Frame Fanatic] Etsy shop. Wow...I never knew I would be where I am today just 100 posts later. :0)

This past week I have been racking my brain trying to think of something special to do/say for this momentous occasion. I have finally decided that the most appropriate thing to do would be to take a look back at some of the highlights of my previous posts and to talk about what I am hoping to do in the future.

Here's a look back at a few projects that have been posted during these past 100 entries:

(Feel free to click on the titles to view the original post.)

1. First let's take a look at the thing that started my motivation for blogging: the frame. I have no idea why I have become so obsessed with frames. They are like little works of art. Plus everyone I know has a frame in their house. I have yet to find a home that does not contain at least one picture frame in it. So with this obsession, I hoped to inspire others with these "masterpieces" by sharing these little framing projects.

[My Little Creation] - my very first blog project!

[Flower Frame] - A personalized frame I made for my daughter

[Frames, Frames, Frames] - To this day I am still in love with this work of art. It is hanging in my laundry/craft room, and, as you can see, it is still the background of my header to this blog. :0)

2. Another passion of mine that I have shared with you is scrapbooking/card-making. About 2 years ago, I could have cared less about scrapbooking. But I think becoming a mom has taught me to savor those special moments with a little creativity. This past year I have learned the fundamentals of card-making and would rather make a special card than to buy a generic one at a drugstore.

[A Mother's Love] - page layout for those moments I cherish

[Cupcake Card] - a card I made inspired by Michael's - so much fun!

3. There have been many transformations going on in my house. And I can assure you there will be many more! Here is a room transformation that has caused quite the buzz on my blog.
[Laundry/Craft Room] - More people posted comments than on any other blog post. It became quite popular! But the purpose of this room was to create multiple functions in a very small space while still making it decorative and enjoyable. As I sit in this room right now (where I do all of my blogging), I can honestly look around and say I am still very pleased with how this room turned out.

4. There have been a few tutorials I have posted to let everyone know how to do particular projects. I always enjoy how-to's because it gives you an opportunity to recreate an idea.

[Distressing] - My first tutorial was about distressing anything that has been painted. I have always loved the rustic look. Gives it that extra character.

[Numbered Jars] - A simple how-to for creating these Pottery Barn inspired numbered jars

[EAT sign] - This was by far my most popular tutorial. Some painted/modge-podged chipboard letters created this fabulous "EAT" sign that still hangs in my dining room.

5. Finally, my Etsy shop. With the help from all my readers, I was inspired to start my very own Etsy shop. I currently have 5 handmade frames on sale now for $20 (which includes shipping!), but I am planning on adding a few more very soon. Very exciting!

There ya go! And 100 posts later, I am looking forward to what the future holds for this blog.

But I need your help! If there is something that you would like to see more of or an idea that would help better/enrich your reading experience here on my blog, PLEASE feel free to leave me a comment or email me. I am open to any suggestions! :0)

Thank you for making these past 100 posts so enjoyable and memorable!


  1. I posted your EAT tut in our Tumblr! I don't think I ever passed that along to you!

  2. Congrats on 100 posts...that's awesome!

  3. I too have a Laundry/Craft Room! Mine is not as pretty and organized as yours though. It too is a "work in progress". :P


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