Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[How-To Tuesday: "Trick or Treat" Frame Tutorial by Crafts & Sutch]

Check out this ADORABLE "Trick or Treat" Frame Tutorial made by Erin at Crafts & Sutch! Perfect addition to your Halloween decor!

Well, if you are anything like me, you are in full swing Halloween/fall mode!  I love this time of year and I love to create new things to update my holiday decorations.  Today, let's dive into creating a cute Trick or Treat frame that will sit perfectly next to your candy bowl.  :)
Here is what you'll need:  a frame without the glass, scrap fabrics, glue gun, glue sticks, batting, needle and thread, iron on letters, Heat-n-Bond, ink pad, buttons or other embellishments.

To get started, take the cardboard insert out of the frame (if you are using an open back frame, then cut an insert out of cardboard) to use as the base.  Cut the batting about 1" larger than your cardboard on all sides so it can wrap around the base.  Using your glue gun, wrap the cardboard with the batting.

Now using the same process, wrap the cardboard with your base fabric.

Cut two more pieces of fabric, one will be the middle layer (I used black) and one will be the top layer (I used khaki).  The sizes will depend on your frame size.
Iron on the letters following the package's directions to the top layer of fabric.  If you don't have iron on letters, you could use a fabric marker or create a freezer paper stencil and use craft paint.

Use the Heat-n-Bond to adhere the top layer of fabric to the middle layer of fabric.  I cut the Heat-n-Bond about a 1/4" smaller on all sides so I can sew around it later (see yellow arrows).  Distress the edges of the top piece of fabric with ink.  My favorite tool to use here is a paper towel. :)

Now run a stitch around the outside of the top layer of fabric.  I used three strands of orange embroidery floss.

Apply Heat-n-Bond to the back side of the middle layer of fabric and adhere it to the base using the package's directions.

Now for the fun, decorate your base with some fabric rosette "lollipops" or "gumball" buttons, put the finished product in the frame, and swoon! :)

The best thing about this project is that you can make it in any size, in any color, and for any occasion...other holidays, make one with your kiddo's name on it for their room, or for a wedding gift with the bride and groom's last name and their wedding date!  :)  The possibilities are endless!

What a creative and fun way to add some festive Halloween decor to your home, office, etc.! And I love how versatile it is so that you can make it your own for any occasion! The best thing is that it all goes perfectly in a frame. :0) Awesome job, Erin!

[Don't forget to stop by Crafts & Sutch for her other amazing craft tutorials! You'll be glad you did!]


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  1. Hey, Jen! Thanks so much for showing me off! You are too sweet! :)

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