Monday, September 20, 2010

[Motivational Monday: What color are your kitchen countertops"?]

The color of my kitchen countertops are tan and just, well...blah. I would love to change out my countertops to give my kitchen a whole new look. So I was looking around for some motivation.

[I am liking this countertop. It looks like it was made from scraps of glass. Perfect for hiding those stubborn food stains!]
[White is a very modern look. Not really my style, but it does look very clean.]
[Ahhh...granite. How I love thee. And this black color goes very well with these white cabinets. Really makes them pop.]

[I love everything about this kitchen. The wood countertops, the wainscot backsplash, the deep tub sink, the window cabinets. I'll take one of these please!]

[Actually what I am really considering is this granite laminate countertop from Lowe's. Right now we have the tan-ish ugly laminate countertop and were possibly thinking of just putting this color over top of the original laminate. It's pretty easy to install. I am thinking it's similar to one big sticker. :0) And this granite color would make it look like we have granite countertops without spending all the money. Very cost effective.]

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  1. I have the granite look a likes as well as the real thing. I like both. The real thing while pricey cleans up, doesn't scratch and has that more natural feel.

    The laminate I put in our pool house. We ended up with the one from Home Depot as it had a darker tone than the one in Lowe's. It looks very classy and goes well with my white builder grade cabinets and sink.

    I hear ya on boring beige! Go for the new countertops.

  2. We replaced the granite look-a-likes for wood butcher block recently, but I did like that the faux granite hid every single bread crumb my son did not feel he needed to clean up. It's very forgiving, looked good and easy to clean!

  3. Laminate countertops are easy to clean with mild soapy water and a soft cloth; so harsh cleaning liquids and chemical cleaners must be avoided, as they could damage the surface.


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