Monday, September 27, 2010

[Motivational Monday: Bedroom Makeovers]

Does your bedroom look like this? Nice but a little "ho-hum". I know some of you may be nodding "yes" (I know I am!). So here's a little motivation to get you started on your next bedroom makeover! Check out this "after" photo from the photo above:

[Wow! Can you believe this was all transformed in a day?? Amazing! I love the color palette of this room: bright yellows, soft blue, all paired with some nice neutrals. And I can't get over those lanterns on the wall! Who knew that adding outdoor lighting would add such sophistication to a room!]

[Another "blah" room. This one just looks empty. But check out this makeover:]

[So nice! I LOVE the headboard! Very classy. And those tall lamps with the retro shades add lots of character to the room. And I really like those doors. Especially how the trim is dark brown while the door is white with some gray outlining. Really adds depth. And the fan with the cathedral-like ceilings...magnificent!]

Okay, now to tackle the bedroom (decoratingly speaking, of course). :0)


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