Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[How-to Tuesday: Cleaning Micro-Suade Seat Cushions]

My dining room chair cushions are micro-suade and seem to stain very easily. To prevent them from staining, I SHOULD have covered them with Scotch Guard, but I didn't. Blame it on being lazy. I even bought the stuff, so there's no excuse! Anyways, now that my 2-year old can sit in a normal chair while she eats, things get dropped right on the seat. (Of course I am blaming it all on her, but I am just as guilty for being a messy eater!)

So here is a photo of my dining set to give you an idea of what the seat cushions look like:
(and if you're wondering on how I made this chalkboard table, click HERE)

Yes, those seats were all stained at the time of this photo. I just had them cleverly hidden.

So now, I finally attacked the seats and cleaned them. Take a look at the before & after pics. But I must warn you, the "before" photos are pretty yucky!





How did I do it, you ask?? By using this handy dandy product:

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover. I just sprayed the entire seat (of course you don't have to if you just have one small stain), agitated it with my fingers, and dabbed it with a paper towel. It's like magic! We bought ours at Home Depot and have used it many times over the years on carpet and other upholstery. And it hasn't failed me yet! :0)

[Note: No compensation was received for posting about Folex. Just wanted to share a useful cleaning tip!]


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